Capital Fundraising Campaign

Hi! My name is Tracy Lee* and I am proud to head up the first capital fund raising campaign for the Huntington Beach Sailing Foundation.


The campaign's goals are to replace the entire 40-year old fleet of sabot sailboats and to establish an endowment fund to allow us to continue to provide free summer sailing lessons for disadvantaged children. All of the money raised will go directly to this program with an objective of raising at least $150,000. Every amount we raise helps us toward these goals.[1] 


The HBSF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization located in Huntington Beach, California. For over 45 years, the HBSF and its predecessor have provided summer sailing lessons to children age 6 to 18. Based on available funding, each summer the foundation strives to fill at least 10-20% of its enrolment by granting tuition free lessons to children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with physical handicaps, or from military families with a parent deployed overseas, including children from the nearby Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station.


HBSF’s fleet of 36 sabots is over 40 years old and often in need of repair. Each year almost 20% of the foundation’s budget is spent on maintaining and repairing those boats, their sails and rigging – just to get them seaworthy enough to send children out on the water safely. To improve and continue a successful sailing program, new and better equipment is necessary. Obtaining some racing sabots and larger two-person sail boats will help keep kids more involved in our program as they grow older and help them develop more advanced skills.


On April 27, 2015, the Foundation received a shipment of 16 new Optimist Cube beginner sail boats from McLaughlin Boat Works in Tennessee. These boats, which were purchased at a cost of $36,500 from donations to the Capital Campaign, launched our 2015 summer sailing program and are the first new boats in over 40 years. This is just the first phase of my campaign to replace all of the sail boats for the youth sailing program. Generous donors such as you are making all of this possible and will help assure continued operation of the sailing program for many more years to come.


I urge you to support this worthwhile program by giving generously to our campaign. Each of you can make a significant difference for the children of our community. Every donation, large and small, is greatly needed and is fully tax-deductible. 100% of all funds received will go directly to the campaign -- no funds will be used for operating expenses. While checks are preferred, for your convenience all major credit cards are accepted.





Our purpose is to expose children to an experience most never get -- a chance to learn to sail. Statistically, less than 2% of all Americans have ever sailed. Public perception is that sailing, is considered a sporting activity reserved for the rich or affluent. Most prominent yacht clubs in Southern California operate youth sailing programs that are restricted to children of club members or designed to serve kids whose families are heavily into boating and sailing; most of these clubs require students to purchase their own sabots. In contrast the HBSF sailing program is directed primarily toward children from the general public and from families not involved in sailing. We provide students with a sabot since the cost of purchasing one would otherwise prevent or deter most parents from considering sailing lessons for their child. An overwhelming percentage of our students are the first in their family to ever set foot on a sail boat, let alone steer one in the water! But after 40 years our sabots need replacing


HBSF's open-community sailing program is intimate and relies on public contributions to fund its operations. Our programs are entirely run and operated by volunteers, except for the certified sailing instructors we hire to teach the summer sailing classes (many of our instructors are graduates of our program who return during the summers to teach the next generation of sailors). Summer classes are limited to about 50 children so that individual instruction and attention can be given to each student, but class size is also restricted as a result of the age, condition, and availability of sabots. The number of tuition free lessons we can grant each year depends on our limited financial funding.


Over the years over 2000 children have successfully completed our program, many who return year after year. Several children have gone on to competitive sailing and to pursue successful sailing careers.






Our notable graduates


Randy Smythe

Catsailor Hall of Fame


Chris Raab

​Junior Championship


Mark Ivey

olympic sailor


Chris Cuckler

1978 Northern Regional Naples Sabot Champion


J.J. Gobell

1982 Commodore’s Cup Trophy and Winner of Silver Flight Junior Nationals


Keith Lupton

1983 Commodore’s Cup Trophy and Winner of Silver Flight Junior Nationals


Amber Morrow

1986 Kober Perpetual: Junior/Senior Competition; 1987 Commodore’s Cup Trophy, and Winner
of Silver Flight Junior Nationals


Catherine Ivey
1988 Commodore’s Cup Trophy, and Winner of Silver Flight Junior Nationals


Cory Droege

1996 Hal Brown Memorial Winner, and  Winner of Naples Sabots Nationals


Bradley Schoch

2006-2012 CSUMB Sailing Team, 2003-2004 HHYC sailing program director, 2008 2nd place at Stanford North and Instructional Designer for the national governing body of sailing, US Sailing


Tracy Lee
2009 HHYC Sunday Regatta Series Class C Naples Sabot Champion; 2010 HHYC Sunday Regatta Series and Class B Naples Sabot Champion


Robyn Monroe

2011 HBSF summer sailing program director


Lindsay Stewart

2010-2013 University of Hawaii Sailing Team; 2012-13 HBSF summer sailing program director


Cameron Summers

Junior Olympics laser champion and has represented Area J for the National single-handed competitions


Kimberly McCune

2012-13 Coxswain, University of California at San Diego men's varsity intercollegiate rowing team; 2014 UCSD women's varsity 8's rowing team; 2014 HBSF summer sailing program director.





* Tracy Lee is a 17-year old senior honor student at Huntington Beach High School and has been named Director of Capital Fundraising for the HBSF. Tracy has participated in HBSF’s summer sailing program for several years starting at age 8 and appreciates that the program gave her the opportunity to learn the skill of sailing.

Replace the entire 40-year old fleet of sabot sailboats and to establish an endowment fund to allow us to continue to provide free summer sailing lessons for disadvantaged children.

Our purpose is to expose children to an experience most never get -- a chance to learn to sail.

More 2000 children have successfully completed our program.


Tracy Lee*

Huntington Beach Sailing Foundation 


501(c)(3) charitable organization



California Registry of Charitable Trusts 

Tracy Lee


IRS Tax ID 27-0326994
California Registry of Charitable Trusts #CT0197367
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